Why Lab-Grown Diamonds?

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What Are Lab-grown Diamonds?

Whether you’re interested in custom bridal jewelry or a bespoke fine jewelry piece, Ivy Jewelers is here to bring your vision to life. Our designers, engineers, and gemologists will help you design your perfect piece from start to finish. Design your own custom engagement ring, wedding band, pendant necklace, stud earrings, bangle, or whatever it is you’re dreaming of.

Ivy Jewelry can create designs entirely from scratch or use another piece of jewelry as a jumping off point. If there’s a design you like but don’t quite love, we can create your ideal version by doing things like adjusting proportions, adding engraving, or changing stone setting styles. If you have an heirloom piece that isn’t quite your style, we can help you reimagine it or use its materials to create something brand new. If you have a badly damaged piece that you love, we can revive it with jewelry repair or restoration.

Whatever you’re looking to create, we’ll fine tune your design until you love every detail.

Lab-grown Diamond Shapes

Discover your dream gem in our varied selection of lab-grown diamonds. Choose a round cut diamond for a traditional look or add a unique touch to your jewelry with a fancy shaped center stone. With options like emerald, oval, and pear, you’re sure to find a lab-grown diamond that speaks to you.

How Are Lab-grown Diamonds Made?

There are two methods scientists can use to create diamonds in a lab: the High Pressure High Temperature method (HPHT) and the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. Both methods start with the use of a diamond seed, a tiny diamond fragment. The HPHT method mimics how diamonds form naturally in the earth. To create a HPHT diamond, scientists place a diamond seed inside pure carbon. They then expose the seed to extraordinary pressure and heat. This causes the pure carbon to melt and stick to the diamond seed, creating a lab-grown diamond that’s ready to be cut, polished, and set in jewelry. The CVD method involves using plasma technology. To create a CVD diamond, scientists place a diamond seed in a chamber filled with carbon-rich gas. They then heat the chamber to extreme temperatures, causing the carbon in the gas to separate and stick to the diamond seed. Layer by layer, this will create a diamond crystal that can be cut, polished, and set in jewelry.