Why Custom Engraved Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Custom engraved jewelry is an incredible gift your loved one will treasure. But what makes engraved pieces so special? Find out as we share four reasons custom engraved jewelry makes a great gift. 

Jewelry With Meaning

Fine jewelry is always a lovely gift idea, but custom engraved jewelry is even more special than your average piece of jewelry. Engraved jewelry is not only beautiful and precious but also unique and deeply meaningful. By engraving a special date, initials, a special word, a bible verse, or a meaningful phrase, you create a piece that expresses something and tells a story. 

Adding an engraving to a gift for your partner, a family member, a best friend, or another loved one just makes it so much more significant. You’ll share a moment when they see the engraving for the first time and they’ll get to relive that moment every time they wear their gift. 

Beyond Birthstones

Many types of jewelry have a personalization element, but none is quite as personal as engraved jewelry. While we love birthstone jewelry, initial pieces, and monogram designs, they have a set meaning that can be limiting. Engravings, on the other hand, can reflect any meaning you like. The only thing limiting you is your creativity. 

Of course, engravings can also be added to birthstone, initial, and monogram jewelry, provided there’s room on the front or back of the piece. Adding a custom engraving to a birthstone pendant necklace, for example, can make it much more meaningful. 

Budget Friendly

Unlike adding diamonds or gemstones to a piece, adding an engraving is a budget-friendly customization option. Etching a thoughtful message into sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold is fairly inexpensive, yet packs a punch when it comes to making your gift more valuable. 

Choosing to give a piece of engraved gold or silver jewelry also allows you to give someone a high-quality jewelry gift that’s special without being extremely expensive. A simple, minimalist piece of jewelry crafted from a precious metal can become something wonderful once you add a custom jewelry engraving. It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch without breaking the bank. 

A Precious Keepsake

When you add a custom engraving to a piece of jewelry, you create a truly unique gift. An engraving instantly turns an ordinary piece of jewelry into a keepsake that the recipient associates with a cherished memory. Depending on what you have engraved, the piece may symbolize a major accomplishment, a love story, a treasured friendship, or an event to remember. By infusing a piece of jewelry with such meaningful symbolism, you turn it into a keepsake or even an heirloom. 

Give the Gift of Custom Engraved Jewelry 

Create a custom engraved gift they’ll love with Ivy Jewelry. We can create a custom piece entirely from scratch or add a personalized engraving to one of our signature designs. Visit our custom design page to learn more about creating a bespoke piece of jewelry or contact us to inquire about getting a ready-made Ivy Jewelry piece engraved.