Why You Should Own Two-Toned Jewelry

As with anything that can be classed as having a fashion, jewelry has trends that come and go. Some stick around for a long time while others have a fleeting phase where simply everyone must follow it for the short time of its popularity.

One trend that has come around again is two-tone jewelry.

What is Two-Toned Jewelry?

When two different colored metals are used in a piece of jewelry, it is described as two-tone. The fusion of metals may be precious - yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold - or it might be one of the golds with sterling silver or stainless steel.

Though there has been a recent surge in popularity, it is not a new phenomenon. Rolex, for example, has been making two-tone watches for decades. The roots of two-tone jewelry, however, lie in the Art Deco period.

This was the first style era that combined two different colored metals in jewelry (and other art forms). Mixing and matching geometric shapes in gold and silver (or white gold) became a signature look in Art Deco jewelry design.

Three-color wedding bands have been around for a long time, but as with all trends, innovation and proactive design bring some wonderful new options.

Once upon a time, jewelry trends centered around who had the largest round diamond or who had the thickest, most expensive gold chain or most extravagant gemstones of impressive karat size, but that is no longer the case. There is more emphasis on the unconventional, eccentric side of fine jewelry, and two-tone gold and other combinations of different metals are a step in that direction.

Here are some of the reasons why you should add some two-tone pieces to your jewelry box.

It Is So Versatile 

One of the best things about two-tone jewelry is that the mixed metals make it a versatile and broad-reaching choice. If you have a mixture of gold and silver, gold and pink gold, or any other two-tone combination, it opens up the pieces to be suitable for more clothing colors and also skin tones.

Whether you have warm tones, cool tones, or neutral tones, a piece of two-tone jewelry will always look complimentary. The versatility of more than one color in a single piece is more effective than single-tone gold jewelry or silver jewelry.

It Is More Eye Catching

There is no arguing the fact that a combination of metal colors makes a statement in a way that just one metal does not. Two metals have more luster because they reflect light better than just one kind of metal.

If you are looking for something that is going to be eye-catching and will elevate your look, then two-tone jewelry is a smart choice.

Two-tone jewelry is suitable for special occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, or any other type of formal event but is also easy on the eye for casual wear.

It Is More Edgy And Bold

With two-tone jewelry, you get the best of both worlds of fine jewelry: it is elegant while also being more bold and edgy than most single metal jewelry tends to be.

You have the choice to be as eccentric as you want to be by choosing your combination of colors, so whether you want to rock some gold and silver, rose gold and platinum, or other mixture of metals, you are free to ask a jeweler for whatever combination your soul is calling for!

You might not immediately associate fine jewelry with being ‘edgy’, but you would be surprised by just how much impact a simple combination of different metals can have. It’s a great twist on a traditional piece of jewelry.

It Is More Unique

It’s fair to say that a lot of engagement rings and wedding rings look the same when settled in their place on a ring finger, but having a two-tone wedding band is a simple way to make your ring more unique and personal to your sensibilities and personalities.

Something that has become increasingly popular is the trend of creating a two-tone ring for engagement or marriage that contains the preferred precious metal of both you and your partner. Having both metals in a single ring is the perfect way to combine your love for one another and make the ring more special to you, with so much more meaning and intimacy than just choosing a standard band from the jeweler’s collection.

It Is More Elegant

There is simply something more elegant about a diamond ring or a pair of stud earrings that feature a two-tone design. If we all agree that gold is elegant, and we all agree that silver is elegant, then it only makes sense that putting the two together will be double the elegance!

When it comes to showcasing your style and pride in the fine jewelry that you have collected, being able to display more than one type of precious metal at once is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you take a look at high-profile red carpet events in recent years, you will notice that that are numerous celebrities who have incorporated two-tone pieces into their formal looks. If you have plenty of diamonds and gemstones to show off, then beginning with a base of two-tone metals is a great choice.

It Is Timeless

When you stick to classic precious metals, you have the peace of mind that you are making a jewelry decision that is going to remain timeless.

You can rest assured that there is nothing about two-tone pieces that are going to make your jewelry any less timeless than pieces that are made from a single metal. If gold is never going to go out of fashion, and silver is never going to go out of fashion, then logic follows that jewelry that combines the two is also never going to go out of fashion either!

In terms of timelessness, it is much more important to consider the design of the piece itself rather than the materials that it is made from. For example, a classic tennis bracelet is something that is timeless, so whether or not it features one metal or two will not be a factor in its longevity.

It Makes For A Good Investment Piece


Whether you have a two-tone gold ring, two-tone gold necklace, bangle, or drop earrings, anything in a two-tone design to be a great investment piece for the future.

When you can trace the trend back to before the roaring 1920s and its Art Deco explosion, you know that the pieces of jewelry you buy today are only going to grow in value and popularity as the decades go on.

Ultimately, we never think that buying jewelry simply for future investment purposes is the primary thing that you should be thinking about, but it can’t hurt in the long run.

No Need to Have a Preference

If you can’t decide which color of gold you prefer, or you love to wear gold and silver, with two-tone jewelry, you don’t have to make a definite choice. You can show your love for different colors of gold equally and easily.

Always go with your heart and choose pieces that you love and are going to wear and admire, but if those happen to be two-tone pieces then what could be wrong with that?